Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Now Mark is Going after Frank Fairbanks. Really???

In the continuing saga that is Mark Spencer, the word is that Mark Spencer is going to try to get Frank Fairbanks fired. If you don't know Fairbanks, he has been the city manager of Phoenix for about a million years, and he is getting ready to retire anyway.

Mark couldn't get Jack Harris fired, he couldn't get the Mayor to do what he wanted, so now he has set his sights on a new target. I figure he needs to claim at least one victory so he is going to go after a guy that is getting ready to retire, then he will say that he is the reason that Fairbanks left.

Mark has sunk to a new all time low.

So, this is how I see this one playing out. Mark has a press conference, says that Fairbanks has done all kinds of stuff wrong then he says that it's time for Fairbanks to leave the city. Like I said, everyone who knows anything expects that Fairbanks will retire this year, so it's almost guaranteed that Fairbanks leaves. Mark just wants to make sure that he gets credit -- he's been impotent so far so this will be like his dose of viagra.

What I can't figure out is who does Mark have in mind to replace Fairbanks. As shortsighted as Mark has been, I doubt that he would ask for Fairbanks to resign unless he had someone in mind to replace him. Someone who likes beanies and rifles, but not Jack Harris.

What I know is that Mark is certain to embarrass himself and PLEA again as he keeps trying to maneuver himself into a position of supreme ruler.


  1. I don't know where you heard this, but I hope you are wrong. Spencer is a pathetic excuse for a man, but even this move would be beneath him.

  2. spencer has also predicted that the arizona diamondbacks will have a losing record. out on another limb.

  3. This is what Mark Spencer is spending his time and our money to do instead of representing us in front of the city council and working to get stimulus funding. His priorities are totally screwed up.

  4. Spencer is a jackass.

  5. As soon as people with real pull at City Hall dictate to Spencer who the next city manager will be he will claim credit for the new guy.

  6. Spencer is already talking to membership about wanting a city manager from outside Phoenix and outside of government. He is talking about wanting to hire someone who has run a faith-based organization. He has also been saying that he wants someone who will consider combining Police/Fire/Courts into one Department and x-training cops to do EMS calls and fire fighters to respond to misdemeanor calls and prosecutors to investigate open felonies.

  7. Frank Fairbanks officially announced his retireemnt to all city employees this morning at 9:41am by sending out an e-mail to all City employees. Now Spencer wants us to belive that he not only got Fairbanks retired, but that he did it in a couple of days. OK. Whatever you say Marky Mark. Spencer cant carry Fairbanks jock strap.

    In case anyone is interested, here is the e-mail Fairbanks sent out his morning:


    Dear Fellow Employees,

    After working with the City for almost 37 years and serving as City Manager for almost 20 years, it has come time for me to retire. I have just informed the Mayor and City Council that I plan to retire on November 5, 2009. I want to give them time to select the next City Manager.

    It is really difficult for me to leave, because I am so proud of this organization and all of you who make it work so well. Across this country and around the world, the City of Phoenix has a reputation for excellence. This reputation came from your hard work, innovation and commitment to quality community service. Like top athletes, we can say “We’re Number 1 – We’re Number 1” among large cities.

    It is time for me to move from being one of the coaches to being a fan in the bleachers. I believe the Mayor and City Council, the new City Manager and, especially, all of you will take this organization to new heights. I have always believed that that we need to improve every day. You have accepted my challenge and exceeded it. I also have believed that by supporting each other, we make the City a better place to work.

    Today isn’t the end of my time as a City employee. I will be here working with you for several more months. And, of course, Phoenix will be my home after that.

    Thank you for the encouragement and support you have given me over the years. I am very proud to have been a part of your team.

    - Frank

  8. PLEA members were notified last night that Spencer was going to hold a press conference 2morrow morning. All we were told was that it was about the city manager. Looks like Spencer was going to try and do exaclty what was suggested, only he was either too disconnected to know Fairbanks was going to announce it today OR--he was outsmarted and revealed for the pea brain he has always been.

  9. Just like you said, Frank announced his retirement today. I didn't know I could come to this site for breaking news, but I think it's cool that you had the jump on the story.

    Glad that Spence didn't get any traction on the issue. Frank is a class act and he deserves to go out in style.

  10. I wonder if it bothers Mark that you are putting out information on his next move. . I hope so. He's too stupid to not be completely transparent. I could predict his next ten moves without thinking -- same way he decides on his next ten moves.

  11. Ooops! Too late Mark. Frank had already made it known with his insiders that he was going to retire. Sure Mark will try and take credit and say he ran Frank out. What a turd. As far as replacements. There is only one person Mark would support other than himself and that's Levi Bolton. Or should I say Dr. Bolton as he likes to be referred to after getting his web PhD for 399 dollars. Another of the village idiots. What has this PLEA come to.

  12. Perhaps someone should find out how much of Dr. Bolton's degree was done on union release time...alot of which time was when he was supposed to be 10-8 in Patrol...or all the union release time he got to become a polygrapher...under Spencer, Levi is getting better and better deals..first the "consultant" now the lobbyist...what's next, the APA Director? Just watch....